Euromex StereoBlue

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Euromex BlueLine offers a high-quality range of stereo microscope models, which are specifically meant for laboratory and higher education use.

StereoBlue microscopes are especially developed for laboratory applications, education and greatly appreciated by biologists, entomologists, geologists, mechanical and electronic engineers and other professionals like jewellers and dental technicians. These microscopes are available with dual pair of objectives or zoom objective for magnifications from 3.5x to 135x and incident and transmitted LED illuminations.

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Starting Specification:

  • A pair of WF10x/20mm wide field eyepieces with eyecups
  • Binocular head with 45° inclined tubes
  • Diopter adjustment on two tubes.
  • Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm
  • Dual 1x/3x revolving objective, 10x/30x magnification.
  • Field of view 20 mm and 6.6 mm.
  • Working distance 100 mm
  • Ergonomically pillar stand.
  • Maximum object height 175 mm.
  • Supplied with black/white stage
  • plate, transparent plate and 2 object clamps
  • Incident and transmitted 1W LED illumination with internal power supply
  • Both illumination intensities can be adjusted separately
  • Supplied with dust cover in Styrofoam case
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Pair of WF10x/21 mm eyepieces supplied with eyecups

• Binocular or trinocular 45° inclined tubes.
• Diopter adjustment on both eyepieces, except the models. SB.1302-P, SB.1402-P and SB.1302, SB.1402, which have diopter adjustment on one side.
• Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 mm and 75 mm.
• Trinocular head is supplied with a fixed light path beamsplitter (50:50)

All optics are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated for maximum light throughput 

• Nosepiece with dual 1x/3x or 2x/4x revolving objectives
• Magnifications 10x/30x or 20x/40x (can be enlarged to 135x)
• Field of view 21 mm/6.9 mm or 10.5 mm/5.2 mm
• Working distance 100 mm

• Zoom Stereo 0.7x to 4.5x parafocal objective
• Magnification from 7x to 45x
• Field of view 29.9 mm to 4.6 mm
• Working distance 100 mm

• The rack & pinion and pillar stands of the StereoBlue are equipped with ergonomically designed flat bases, complete with two object clamps and Ø 60 mm transparent and black/white stage plate.
• The coarse adjustment is equipped with tension control
• The ergonomically designed universal single arm stand is ideal for looking at large samples or working under the microscope.
• The stands are alloy metal casted with hardened coating

• With 3 W transmitted and incident LED illuminators which can be used simultaneously or adjusted seperately
• SB.3903 and SB.3903-P models come with a built-in 30 LED ring light for reflexed illuminator and 3 W transmitted illuminator
• SB.1902-U and SB.1903-U are supplied without illumination. Suitable ring illuminators are LE.1973 and LE.1974

Supplied with power cord, dust cover, eyecups, a spare fuse, Ø 60 mm transparent and black/ white stage plates and user manual. All packed in a polystyrene box

The spare fuse, Ø 60 mm transparent and black/ white stage plates are not applicable for -U models 

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