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Upright Microscopes

High quality upright microscopes for all applications with options for brightfield, phase contrast, polarization and more.

Inverted Microscopes

Professional inverted microscopes from industry leading manufacturers including phase contrast and fluorescence solutions. 

Stereo Microscopes

Routine and research stereo microscopes for hobbyists, schools, universities and labs with customisation for your specific needs.


Scientific grade c-mount cameras for all scientific applications including cooled and uncooled, colour and monochrome options.

Camera Adapters

A range of industry leading camera adapters for connecting C-mount & SLR cameras to any microscope make and model.


Professional imaging software for all scientific applications to capture, process, measure and share your digital images.

Halogen Lighting

Traditional high intensity halogen lighting solutions for industry and life science applications in microscopy. 

LED Lighting

Dimmable and segmentable LED ringlights and cold light LED illuminators with a range of goosenecks and lightguides to choose from. 

Fluorescence Lighting

Metal Halide & LED fluorescence lighting from industry leading manufacturers to ensure maximum illumination of your specimens.



CoolLED designs and manufactures cutting edge LED Illumination Systems for researchers and clinicians using the latest LED technology. 

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