Browse our range of services to cover all your microscopy needs

Microscope Servicing

On-site and off-site servicing to keep your microscopes in top condition all year long

Microscope Repairs

High quality repairs of all microscopy problems with fast turnaround

Hire A Microscope

A full range of microscopes, cameras and lighting for all applications available to hire

Imaging Service

HD images and videos of your specimens captured by our imaging specialists 

3D Printing

3D printing of custom specimen holders, spare parts and more


On-site training for your microscopy and imaging systems by our specialist engineers

hire a microscope

Daily, weekly & monthly hire options with a full range of microscopes, cameras and lighting solutions. Equipment disinfected & tested before hire, fast shipping & unlimited support 

30% off

microscope servicing

Save 30% with on-site and off-site microscope servicing to keep your equipment in top condition all year round

30% off


Save 30% on repairs when sending your faulty microscope to our Repair Centre.
6 month guarantee, fast turn-around and competitive prices

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