Media Cybernetics 2D Image Capture Module

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Image-Pro is an image analysis software platform that delivers intuitive tools that make it easy to capture, process, measure, analyze and share your images and valuable data. Add one or more of the Image-pro modules to expand the functionality of the platform to match your needs.

Image-Pro modules allow you to enhance your software with additional features and functionality.

The 2D Image Capture Module is Image-Pro’s principal image capture and video recording component, designed for streaming live previews, acquiring movies, and capturing still images from digital cameras and frame grabbers. Capturing images with the right depth of field, magnification, exposure, and with the right amount of contrast can be difficult, but this module delivers all of tools able to accomplish this and much more.

This robust companion module contains a variety of specialty capture options such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) capture, Live Tiling, Live Extended Depth of Field (EDF), Live Measurements, Live Image Comparison, and Live Calibrated Grids, so capturing the best image is possible and easier than ever.

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Live Preview

Do more than just previewing with Image-Pro's Live Preview engine, a flexible image workspace capable of delivering high speed video in addition to layered measurements and overlays. Build up a focus map in real time and deliver stunning EDF images or stitch and tile on the fly with Live Tiling.

Live Extended Depth of Field

Capture beautifully focused images, regardless of depth, with Live EDF. No automated z motor required.

Live Tiling

Stitch together multiple fields of view as you manually move around your specimen with Live Tiling. Combine with Live EDF to create a focused, tiled image. No automated stage required.

Live Measurements

Measure areas of objects or distances between objects on your live preview images. No need to capture your image.

Live Image Comparison

The Image Comparison workspace allows you to compare live images with previously captured images and analyse their differences or changes that have occurred over time. Tint images and use colour to compare differences. Create new images based on the differences between these objects to further measure and analyse.

Live Calibrated Crosshair Grid

Use the crosshair overlay to ensure that Images are correctly aligned while capturing or to quickly measure sizes and gauge distances. Select from a range of patterns, colours, and fit your need.

Instant Acquisition Capture

Instantly capture images and much more while live preview is running. Other capture programs pause the live preview, potentially leading to data loss, but Image-Pro using Instant Acquisition technology to ensure you reliably capture important events.

HDR Capture

Capture a sequence of images at different exposures, with variable options, and combine them into a single High Dynamic Range image. The resulting image is a compilation of image data using the widest possible range of dark to light pixels. No more black or saturated pixels.

All The Basics

Auto Exposure, White Balance and Saturation Warning (both High and Low) are standard features for all devices in Image-Pro. Where possible, Binning and Bit Depth options are also enabled and exposure can even be automatically adjusted based on the binning selection.

Custom Presets

Save all the capture settings associated with an individual experiment or protocol and recall it later. Share the settings file among users and computers. Quickly access your preset from a convenient menu in the capture ribbon.

Lock/Unlock Preview & Acquire

For experiments requiring lower exposure times and higher gain during preview and longer exposure times and lower gain during acquisition, Image-Pro is prepared. Simply click the lock/unlock icon next to a control to enable this function.

Enhancement Options

White balance, Gain, Offset, and Gamma settings all control the camera directly from inside Image-Pro. By developing native support for a device, all commands and controls can also be controlled by macros or Apps.

Usability Settings

Apply custom date and time stamps on Live and captured images for quality documentation. Set up a unique naming scheme for your images before capturing them to save time on the back-end of acquisition.

Record Time-Lapse Events

Record quick events or experiments that last for longer periods of time. Replay your recordings in the Gallery View and choose to display the acquisition time stamp as an active overlay. Easily save movies as .AVI, .TIF or .WMV formats.

Fixed Interval vs Fast as Possible

Define your time-lapse recording as a fixed interval and set the duration for Msecs up to Days, based on your needs and storage capacity. For quick bursts, run “As fast as possible” and push your acquisition device to it’s limits.

LIVE Intensity Over Time

Measure and analyse changing intensity values in live images while events are taking place. Watch live graphs populate the measurement parameters you select and need to know.

Stream to Disk

In addition to utilizing streaming to memory (RAM), Image-Pro can also stream multi-gigabyte movies directly to your hard drive. Turn on “Stream to Disk” and simply click “Record” to capture huge movies limited only by storage space.

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