Levenhuk MED 1000

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The Levenhuk MED 1000 is a trinocular optical microscope with plan achromatic objective lenses.

Microscopes in the Levenhuk MED 1000 series are equipped with an infinity-corrected optical system that is used in professional and high-class microscopes. This system includes Infinity PlanAchromat objectives and allows for receiving clear, high-contrast images with a high level of flatness.

Compound microscope with magnification 40—1000x, trinocular head, plan achromatic objective lenses, Köhler illumination, an Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm and filter.

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One of the most important features of the infinity-corrected optical system is that it allows for installing any additional elements in the light path between objective lenses and an ocular tube. These elements include polarizing devices, epifluorescence lights, and DIC prisms with minimal deviations in the focus and correction of aberrations.

The main feature of this microscope is its optics. The revolving nosepiece includes four plan achromatic objective lenses that improve color rendering, reduce spherical aberrations, correct the field curvature (total square of the flat field of view is up to 95% diameter of the observed image). A 100x objective lens allows for observations using oil immersion. The microscope magnification range is from 40x to 1000x.

The trinocular head is supplied with a separate optical tube for installing a digital camera (purchased separately).The head is 360° rotatable and its visual part is inclined at 30° for comfortable extended observations.

The illumination system of the microscope is also worth mentioning. All observations are carried out in transmitted light (a LED is located in the lower part of the microscope). An Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm and light filter are used for adjusting Köhler illumination.

A mechanical stage is movable; its surface is securely protected with graphite coating.


  • Professional optical microscope for observations in transmitted light
  • Trinocular rotatable head
  • Plan achromatic objective lenses with adjusted color rendering and reduced spherical aberrations
  • Magnification: 40-1000x, oil immersion
  • LED illumination with brightness adjustment powered through an AC outlet
  • Köhler illumination is available
  • Coaxial mechanism of coarse and fine focusing adjustment

The kit includes:

  • Microscope base with a stand
  • 360° rotatable trinocular head
  • Plan achromatic lenses focused at infinity: 4x, 10x, 40xs, 100xs (oil immersion)
  • Wide-field eyepieces: WF10xx/20mm (2 pcs.)
  • Abbe N.A. 1.25 condenser with an iris diaphragm
  • Blue filter
  • Vial of immersion oil
  • C-mount for camera
  • Dust cover
  • Power cable (145cm)
  • LED (3W)
  • Fuse (1 pcs)
  • Allen key (1pcs)
  • User manual and lifetime warranty


  • Type:biological
  • Head:trinocular, rotatable 360°, inclined 30°
  • Magnification, x:40–1000
  • Eyepieces:wide-field with diopter adjustment, WF10x/22mm (2 pcs.)
  • Objective lenses:plan achromatic, focused at infinity:4x/0.10,∞/0.17,10x/0.25,/0.17,40xs/0.65,∞/0.17,100xs/1.25,∞/0.17 (oil immersion)
  • Revolving nosepiece:4 objectives
  • Interpupillary distance, mm:48–75
  • Stage, mm:mechanical two-axes, 216x150 mm, with a mechanical scale, graphite coating
  • Stage moving range, mm:75/55
  • Eyepiece diopter adjustment, diopters:±5
  • Condenser:removable, Abbe N.A. 1.25, iris diaphragm and filter
  • Focus:coaxial, coarse: 37.7mm; fine: 0.001mm
  • Brightness adjustment:yes
  • Power supply:220V
  • Additional:Köhler illumination
  • Optics material optical glass with an anti-fungal coating
  • Eyepiece tube diameter, mm:30 mm (binocular head),23.2 (third vertical tube)

Optional Extra:

  • Add 14MP digital camera

Additional information

Weight 9.18 kg
Dimensions 52 × 39 × 32 cm


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