Euromex DZ Series

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The modular stereo microscopes of the DZ series combine ergonomics with very high-resolution optics. Either standard versions or customized models are available thanks to the large choice of central zoom units, eyepieces, stands and accessories.

Six standard configurations are available for magnifications from 8 to 80 times. One can customize configurations for magnifications from 4x up to160 times around the central zoom bodies.

A fluorescence illumination unit enables scientific research like for studies of vertebrate development and gene function, teratology, genetics and environmental sciences.

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Starting Specification:

  • A pair of secured wide field eyepieces EWF10x/22mm with eyecups
  • Binocular head with fixed 45° inclined tubes
  • Diopter adjustment on two tubes
  • Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm
  • 0.8x to 5x zoom objective, magnification from 8x to 50x. Field of view from 27.5 mm to 4.4 mm. Working distance 78 mm
  • Ergonomically stand with coarse and fine adjustments, stage plate and 2 object clamps
  • Incident and transmitted 3W LED illumination with internal power supply
  • Both illumination intensities can be adjusted separately
  • Supplied with dust cover in Styrofoam case
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The modern DZ stereomicroscopes are modular configured around a central zoom body. The first with a 1:6,3 zoom ratio, a second with a 1:8 zoom ratio and a third with a 1:10 zoom ratio. The DZ modular microscope - with his Extra Wide Field eyepieces, Plan Apochromatic 0.5x, 1x and 2x common objectives, the ergonomical stereo head with 0-35° inclined tubes or a fix stereohead with 20° inclined tubes, stand with incident and transmitted LED illuminations - belongs together with the Euromex D series, to the top stereomicroscopes of Euromex


Pair of EWF 10x/22 mm eyepieces


• Ergonomic binocular 0-35° tilting head
• Binocular 20° tilted head
• Diopter ± 5 adjustment on both eyepieces
• Interpupillary distance from 55 to 75 mm
• Photo ports for one or two cameras


Three central zoom units are available:
• 1:6.3 for total magnifications from 8x to 50x
• 1:8 for total magnifications from 8x to 64x
• 1:10 for total magnifications from 8x to 80x


• Standard configurations are supplied with a 1x plan apochromatic Common Main Objective, working distance 78 mm.
• Other plan apochromatic Common Main Objectives 0.5x (working distance 126 mm) and 2x (working distance 33 mm) are also available.
All optics have an anti-reflection coating for maximum light throughput and are anti-fungus treated


• Large ergonomic stand with ø 100 mm object plate and two object clamps
•  Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment
• A universal stand and articulated arm stands without illumination are also available for configurations built according to customer’s specifications
• The multihead systems come with a 420 x 350 mm stage - without illumination - and with a 254 x 254 mm glass plate

ILLUMINATION of standard DZ.5040 STAND
• Transmitted and incident 3 W LED illuminations with a built-in 100-240 V power supply
• Both illuminators can be used simultaneously, and the light intensities can be adjusted separately


• Supplied with power cord, dust cover, a spare fuse and user manual.
• All packed in a polystyrene box


• All 9 standard configurations are equipped with EWF10x/22mm eyepieces, 1x plan apochromatic Common Main Objective
• All 9 standard configurations are equipped with DZ.5040 rack & pinion stand with incident and transmitted LED illumination


A customized DZ series stereo microscope can be configured to customer’s specifications by choosing one of the three central zoom units DZ.0630, DZ.0800 or DZ.1000 and adding the necessary components for the application. Pair of eyepieces, an ergonomic 5 to 35° tilting head or fix 20° inclined head or a 0.5x, 1x or 2x Common Main Objective (CMO).

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