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For over 100 years, Prior Scientific has been manufacturing precision optical and electro-mechanical equipment and instrumentation.

The Lumen 200 Fluorescence Illumination System is a powerful, cost effective alternative to standard 100 Watt mercury and halogen lamphouses. The combination of Prior’s proprietary 2,000 hour life, 200 watt metal arc lamp and two or three meter liquid light guide provide unrivalled versatility and illumination power. The Lumen 200 utilizes a metal halide lamp rather than the more traditional high pressure mercury or xenon burners. This means 2000 hours of stable output compared to a maximum of 300 hours for a mercury lamp. Coupled to the microscope using a liquid light guide there is very little heat transfer helping to eliminate thermal drift during time lapse experiments. The Lumen 200 also incorporates a variable light attenuation control to reduce the potential of bleaching and phototoxicity.


  • 2,000-hour life, 200 Watt metal arc lamp
  • Remote mounting with two- or three-meter light guide
  • Stabilized DC power supply for consistent illumination
  • Quiet operation suitable for laboratory use
  • Easy to view display screen for bulb life indication and alarm description
  • Knurled light guide clamping knob for secure light guide installation
  • Adapters available for all modern research microscopes
  • Six position adjustable aperture/intensity knob to protect samples from photobleaching
  • Easy bulb replacement


Lumen 200 200W Fluorescence Illuminator complete with 2m liquid light
guide, bulb and microscope adapter.

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The popular Lumen 200 from Prior Scientific retains the spectral output of traditional mercury (HBO) bulbs, whilst providing vastly improved light quality and a device that is both longer lasting and easier to use. It is ideal for use throughout a vast array of fluorescence applications and can replace an HBO bulb with a minimum of both cost and disruption to the existing set-up. Offering good value, a range of benefits over HBO bulbs, and high light quality, the Lumen 200 has the potential to vastly improve the quality of your fluorescence microscopy.

The bulb’s lifespan of 2000 hours, compared with a mere 200 hours for a conventional HBO bulb, means that bulb changes are now much less frequent - which means both less inconvenience and lower running costs

  • An LED display clearly indicates the remaining time left until bulb replacement
  • The light produced by the Lumen 200 is similar in output, but superior in quality, to that of an HBO - so the same fluorophores can be used and observed as before
  • Connecting to the microscope via a liquid light guide, heat and vibrations transferred to the sample are significantly reduced. The liquid light guide also eliminates the need for time consuming alignment of the bulb after replacement
  • Adapters are available for all modern microscopes, and are also fully compatible with the complete range of filter wheels and shutters produced by Prior


Producing the best images requires high quality light. The Lumen 200 produces light that, whilst similar to an HBO bulb, is superior in several respects. Intensity peaks with a larger bandwidth improve excitation, and the overall light brightness is greater. The liquid light guide homogenises the light, which combined with the bulb design means that bulb alignment is no longer needed, whilst reducing the transfer of heat and vibration from the Lumen 200 to the microscope and so reducing disruption to imaging. Finally, the stabilised DC power supply provides highly uniform light throughout the bulb’s lifespan, meaning that the Lumen 200 is ideal for quantitative and comparative fluorescent applications.

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