Fullerscope 1.0x C-Mount & F-Mount Adapters

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Our new range of microscope camera adapters have been carefully specified by, and manufactured for, Fullerscope. We offer a wide and ever-growing range of adapters, with both c-mount and f-mount options, for most microscopes. All our adapters are 1.0x magnification and are designed with the same optical focal plane and field of view as the more expensive versions offered directly from the microscope manufacturers. These adapters have been manufactured in the United Kingdom and are exclusively available from Fullerscope.

Please check the compatibility list below to ensure that this adapter is correct for you.  If you cannot find the adapter you are looking for please contact us directly and our team will be happy to help you.

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A C-mount is a type of lens mount commonly found on 16mm movie cameras, closed-circuit television cameras, and trinocular microscope phototubes.

C-mount lenses provide a male thread which mates with a female thread on the camera. The thread is nominally 1.000 inch (25.4 mm) in diameter, with 32 threads per inch, designated as "1-32 UN 2A" in the ANSI B1.1 standard for unified screw threads. The flange focal distance is 17.526 millimetres (0.6900 in) for a C mount.

The C-mount specification has several dimensions associated with it:

  • Mounting Thread = 1 inch x 32 tpi UN 2A
  • Length of Lens Thread = 3.8mm
  • Lens Flange Focal Distance = 17.52mm
  • Camera Depth (C-Mount Face to Image) = 17.52mm

The above dimensions are employed by all C-Mount lens manufacturers as well as all C-Mount camera manufacturers in order for any lens and camera combination to image properly.


The large variety of F-mount compatible lenses makes it the largest system of interchangeable flange-mount photographic lenses in history. Over 400 different Nikkor lenses are compatible with the system. The F-mount is also popular in scientific and industrial applications, most notably machine vision. The F-mount has been in production for over six decades - making it the only lens mount which has been produced for over 50 years.

  • Mounting Interface = Nikon F-Mount Bayonet
  • Camera Depth (F-Mount Bayonet to Image) = 46.5mm
  • Lens Flange Focal Distance = 46.5mm

Compatibility List

Leica HC 1.0x C-mount / Leica HC 1.0x F-mount

  • Leica DMR HC series, fits onto HC tube adapter, DMIL, DMIRB with HC optics

Zeiss 60C 1.0x C-mount

  • Axioskop 2 FS MOT, Axioskop 2 FS Plus, Axioskop 40, Axioskop 40 A Pol, Axioskop 40 FL, Axioskop 40 Pol, Axiostar plus, Axiostar plus FL, Axiotech vario, Axiovert 200, Axiovert 200 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment, Axiovert 200 M, Axiovert 200 M for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment, Axiovert 200 M MAT, Axiovert 200 MAT, PALM CombiSystem, PALM MicroBeam, PALM MicroTweezers, Stemi 2000 C, Stemi 2000 C for KS ELISPOT, Stemi 2000 CS

Olympus 1.0x C-mount / Olympus BX/IX 1.0x F-mount

  • Olympus BX series (with U-SPT phototube removed), Olympus CX series (with U-SPT phototube removed), Olympus AX Provis series (with U-SPT phototube removed), Olympus BX U-DPT  double port (back port only), Olympus IX2, CKX series, IX trinocular head, IX51, IX71,IX81,GX51/71, Olympus SZX9, SZX12

Zeiss 44C 1.0x C-mount

  • Axiophot, Axioplan, Axioskop 20, Axioskop 50, Axiotron, Axiotron 2

Leica Delta (38mm) 1.0x C-mount

  • This is Leica's older delta tube fitting with a 38mm diameter and will fit microscopes with this connection.

Motic 1.0x C-mount

-  Motic microscopes

Nikon 1.0x C-mount / Nikon 38mm 1.0x F-mount

  • Leica DMIL, Leica MS5, MZ6, MZ8, MZ12, MZAPO with 38 mm ISO photoport, Leica GZ6 with 13410302 phototube, Leica M420 (old style with 38 mm photoport), Leica Dialux, Laborlux, Ortholux, Orthoplan, Diaplan, Ergolux, Aristoplan, Aristomet, Metalux, Metalloplan, Leica Diavert, Labovert, Fluovert, Metallovert, Nikon Optiphot-2, Optiphot 100S, 150, 200, 300, Labophot-2, Alphaphot-2, Eclipse series(for 38 mm photoport when phototube is removed), Nikon E200, 400, 600 (with Y-T TV tube), Nikon E800, E1000 (with video tube for C-mount), Nikon SMZ-U, SMZ10A, SMZ800, SMZ1000, SMZ1500, Nikon Diaphot 300/200, Eclipse TE200/300 sideport, TS100-F, Nikon TE2000 S, U&E sideport, Epiphot 300/200, Nikon MM40/MM60, Wild stereos with removable phototube that reveals 38 mm phototube, including M3, M5, M7, M8, M10

Zeiss 60N-C 1.0X C-mount / Zeiss 60N-F 1.0x F-mount

  • Axio Examiner.A1, Axio Examiner.D1, Axio Examiner.Z1, Axio Imager Vario, Axio Imager.A1, Axio Imager.A1m, Axio Imager.A2, Axio Imager.A2m, Axio Imager.D1, Axio Imager.D1 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment, Axio Imager.D1m, Axio Imager.D2, Axio Imager.D2m, Axio Imager.M1, Axio Imager.M1m, Axio Imager.M2, Axio Imager.M2m, Axio Imager.Z1, Axio Imager.Z1 + ApoTome, Axio Imager.Z1m, Axio Imager.Z2, Axio Imager.Z2m, Axio Lab.A1, Axio Lab.A1 FL-LED, Axio Lab.A1 MAT, Axio Lab.A1 Pol, Axio Observer.A1, Axio Observer.A1 Entry, Axio Observer.D1, Axio Observer.D1 + ApoTome, Axio Observer.D1 Entry, Axio Observer.D1 Mid Range, Axio Observer.D1 TIRF 3, Axio Observer.Z1, Axio Observer.Z1 Cell Observer, Axio Observer.Z1 Cell Observer SD, Axio Observer.Z1 High End, Axio Observer.Z1 TIRF 3, Axio Observer.Z1m ACR, Axio Scope.A1, Axio Scope.A1 Pol, Axio Scope.A1 Vario, Axio Vert.A1, Axio Vert.A1 FL, Axio Vert.A1 FL-LED, Axio Vert.A1 MAT, Axio Zoom.V16, Axioplan 2 Imaging, Axiovert 200, Axiovert 200 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome equipment, Axiovert 200 M, PALM CombiSystem Rel. 4.2, PALM MicroBeam, PALM MicroBeam Rel.4.2, PALM MicroTweezers Rel.4.2, SteREO Discovery.V12, SteREO Discovery.V8, SteREO Lumar.V12

Leica Delta (37mm) 1.0x C-mount

  • Leica DMR series, fits FSA tube adapter, variotube, and DMRD (not photo TV module), DMLS, DMLB, DMRB, DMLP, DMC, Leica DMIRB, Leica M420 (new style with 37 mm photoport)

Zeiss AxioSkop 2 1.0x F-mount

  • Axiolab, Axioplan-2, Axiophot-2, Axiotech, Axioskop-2, Axioskop-40, Axiostar (new Standard trinocular tube), Zeiss Axiovert models 100, 135, 135M, 200, IM series when used with new Standard trinocular tube (45 29 02), Zeiss SV6, SV8, SV11, Stemi 2000-C, Stemi DRC

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